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Mop Head Vileda Supermop

Mop Head Vileda Supermop


  • £6.34

The new modern design and effective zig-zag edges are definitely more than a facelift. Tests found that compared with the previous mop generation, the new SuperMop Ag picks up 30% more loose dirt, is 5% more absorbent and has a more even water release; reducing streaking and allows floors to dry quicker and more evenly.

With the anti-bacterial properties of silver ions and how to translate these benefits into our products. Independent tests** show Professional Supermop Ag has remarkable anti-bacterial activity, inhibiting the growth of bacteria (bacteriostatic activity) by 99.99%.

The monoclick handle connector has also been improved, increasing the connection force between mop head and handle by over 20% ensuring the mop heads stay securely connected during mopping.

Hygiene: Contains silver ions, Independently tested to inhibit bacteria growth by 99.99%, Oval design - allows easy cleaning of corners, Colour-coded in four colours to avoid cross contamination, Machine washable at 60ºC but can be washed up to 95º

Ergonomic: Low friction, lightweight non-woven material, Highly absorbent for spill pick up, Releases liquids easily during wringing, to leave floors drier, therefore, back in use faster

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